I am Olamilekan Adeyemi, I have been working as Product Designer for quite a while now, and I have been able to resonate with the key challenges people face in understanding product design processes.

Not only that, but oftentimes Product Designers also don't realize what they are doing wrong with their design processes or fully understand the benefits of conducting certain design processes. Having said that, Problem space is very versed, we can't begin to streamline the specific processes for the different product problems that require product design solutions in the world.

So, I created this checklist compared to the high-level problem space that most product problems are tailored to and curated a holistic product design process for you and the everyday person to approach problem-solving in a systematic way for product problems.

However, this process checklist is not a definitive approach, it is a set of recommendations for you to keep track of everything you'll want to check off to provide a solid product design solution with the right user experience.

Thanks to Shile, Praiz, Fatima, Haruna, and Joshua and everyone who gave their awesome feedback on this mvp.

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